The Project

Project name: A partnership for change: reducing work related anger and violent emotions. It is a project KA2 Strategic Partnership Project funded by European Commission.


Project Description

The European context of the project shows that in partner countries, Italy, Spain, Norway, Cyprus the numbers of relapses are on European average and the reforms in justice and law enforcement system throughout Europe focused to improve detention facilities, changing the policies, and staff training, endorsing employees with key competences and improving the staff capacity to manage stress and anger work related situations.

In Romania, where the relapse rate tends to 100% even though in public order and safety system some steps were taken to improve detention conditions, but the training for employees in managing anger and negative emotions was not approached yet. We consider a priority reducing the gap to the EU average. The goal of the project is to strengthen employees VET training in public order and safety, through a training program in anger management, addressed to employees from internal affairs, border police and penitentiary.

The project objectives are:

  1. Developing employee’s capacity to manage the work related stress and negative emotions.
  2. Improving employee’s skills to work with persons with personality disorders with consequences in criminal behavior.
  3. Improving employees’ capacity to perform needs assessment and interventions for offenders with personality disorders in order to reduce their risk to reoffend.

All partners will select professionals, ensuring a transparent manner of nomination and selection, based on practical experience and applying reasonable criteria for selecting the 32 participants in project activities. Participants at multiplier events are professionals from territorial structures of each partner country, also from similar institutions from national level, transborder regions and European level.

Under the project management activities we underline the obligations of the coordinator, such as – the project launch, control in terms of timeliness of implementation and achievement indicators, rational use of resources, quality and risk reduction, monitoring, evaluation of the project, implementation of activities, ensure the development of intellectual results, record-keeping tasks, reporting, dissemination and communication.

The project activities will also involve project transnational meetings, In-house Training –84 employees will be trained in all partner countries, dissemination and multiplier activities, and project experts will develop

output 01. Scientific research, Protocols, and needs analysis for anger, violence and stress reduction,

Output 02. Manual for work related stress and anger management applied in law enforcement and correctional field,

Output 03. Upgrading the online platform with specific resources and producing

Output 04. The Miniguide for employees in dealing with aggressive personalities. This project will provide employee a better support to reduce the stress responses in work environment. It is important that employees feel confident and capable of undertaking assigned tasks. This project is going to bring the opportunity to cooperate at European level in order to find best ways to achieve this confidence, through suitable training aiming at becoming more competent in their roles. The training program developed in this project will be both task-specific and practical abilities in dealing with anger, violence and negative emotions.

The main results focus on the delivery of the intellectual outputs and employee training, involved in training programme during project implementation; the training materials consisting in course description, conceptual instructions, materials (PPTs, worksheets, texts, videos) in electronic versions will adopt an internal usage for law enforcement and correctional staff, will be available for personnel and disseminated through the online platform.

Multiplier and dissemination events in each country partner, webpages and press releases informing about the project results, will deliver information for the specific target audience also ensuring the dissemination of the project outcomes carried out to achieve the widest possible way to the relevant stakeholders and policy makers in the field of continuous training. Also, the foreign partners can publish and disseminate in their countries the outputs, the Manual, Miniguide, and the Scientific Research results. The project completion will lead to an impact on the target group of the project, ensuring improved capacity to perform needs assessment and interventions in dealing with personality disorders. The project partners will establish all arrangements concerning the project work, outputs and goals to be available during the five years of sustainability and beyond, being linked with new project opportunities and ensuring long term partnerships and strengthen cooperation in field related to public order and safety system.

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